I am an engineer working in neuroscience research, where I apply maths and write software. I love to make music and to dance (swing, balfolk, ..)

“How can we give scientists more insight into their own and others’ code?” is a question I often wonder about.

I am currently working on a PhD with Mark Humphries. Neuroscientists can film precise voltages of individual neurons in living animals. We wonder how we can use such data to infer the wiring between those neurons. We could then construct connectomes in vivo.

You are welcome to read one of my posts, or check out some of the things I built under projects.

Scientific goal

I want to discover circuit-level mechanisms in higher-order brain areas.


  1. Take the ever-improving machine learning and data-analysis toolbox, and apply it to large scale activity recordings at the level of individual cells to reveal robust patterns.

  2. Build software models grounded in the literature, that make vague theories explicit, predict experimental data, and generate testable hypotheses.


I have a bachelor’s in computer science and electrical engineering, and a master’s in biomedical engineering (specialization: signal processing), both from KU Leuven.

I did my master’s thesis in a systems neuroscience lab, and filled my master’s with electives in data analysis, neuroscience, and machine learning.

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