Tools for Windows

This is a running collection of tools I use to make Windows good.

AutoHotkey + SharpKeys

See Many but finite’s ‘Home Row Computing’

Allows me to type arrow keys, backspace, Delete, Home, End, etc without having to move my hands away from the ‘home row’ of the keyboard (asdf, jkl;)
I.e. like vim; but available in any text field in any app.

In general, AutoHotkey enables end-user programming of the Windows GUI, through a (slightly quirky) scripting language.

The functionality of many of the apps below can be implemented with AutoHotkey instead; but dedicated config GUIs (plus collaborative open-source dev) makes the apps worth it.


Keyboard shortcuts for special characters (Greek letters, math symbols, arrows, accents, ..)

→ See my .XCompose file


Text snippets (auto-replace shortcodes with oft-typed text)

What I use it for (i.e. things I’m tired of typing over and over):


Paste images on the clipboard directly as files in Windows Explorer (without having to go through Paint)

PowerPoint is one of the best tools for vector graphic design, weirdly/sadly. To use diagrams made in PPT in LaTeX, I copy a diagram from PPT and paste it as an svg files using this great tool.


Get the old taskbar & context menu back in Windows 11

Microsoft-supported tools

All are open-source and under active development.